Types Of Betta Fish

Types Of Betta Fish

The Different Types Of Betta Fish
If you were thinking about purchasing a betta fish, you should learn about the different types of betta fish. These fish are commonly owned and thought to be one of the most popular fish with aquarium owners. This is probably due to their unusual appearance. They come in a variety of bright colors and they have fins that are fuller and flowing. They also have an aggressive personality, so unless you have a bigger aquarium with plenty of plants, you probably shouldn’t house more than one betta fish in a tank. Aggressive behavior can be seen in most types of betta fish.

Betta splendens or Japanese fighting fish originated in Thailand and they have a life span of 2 to 3 years. They can reach up to 3 inches in length but the female types of betta fish are considerably smaller. They also do not have the bright colors and their fins are much smaller than the male betta fish. The male betta is a known fighter. It will fight with another male betta and kill any offspring. But it usually does not become aggressive with other types of fish in the tank. The betta splendens is one of the most common types of betta fish.

The betta bellica originated in Malaysia and they are a bit different from the betta splendens. They fins are not flowing and long but shorter and the back fin is heart shaped. They are the largest type of betta fish and their bodies are stouter and thicker than other types of betta fish. While eating, these fish curl their body into an S shape and jump for food. The male betta bellica is also much larger than the female and has stronger colors. One interesting fact about these fish is, that in the wild they are known to rest outside of the water on leaves. But it is also thought that the only reason they do this is to avoid foul water or a bad environment.

The betta coccina is a smaller betta fish and it was found in Sumatra. These types of betta fish can have either a brown to red color and some have a signature spot on the back area. The males and females are basically the same size but the females can be a bit smaller. The body of this fish is thinner in size and the male is usually a brown color. He also has a lighter colored ban that reaches from the eyes to the back fin. The betta coccina has one feature that sets them apart from other fish. They have bright, noticeable blue eyes. The pelvic, dorsal and anal fins are usually a brighter color in adults and the quills are a red to gold color.

The betta picta is easy to breed and it is not aggressive. But because it does not have the color variations of other different types of betta, it is not as popular among aquarium owners. They have a tendency to hide around rocks and in plants and they are drab in color in comparison to other fish. They are generally a tan to light brown color but the male can become colorful when he is fighting, breeding or frightened. The males also have a stripe on the back fin that varies in color. Sometimes while breeding, the females can become a bit aggressive towards each other. They may even fight to determine who will get the male. When this happens, it is recommended that one of the females be placed in another tank for a period of time. learn more about betta fish care

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